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What Makes the Armored Car So Cool?

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A layman might find it hard to differentiate an armored car from a normal car. They look almost similar to Toyota Hilux or Toyota Land Cruiser or the Chevrolet. However, one shouldn’t get fooled by the looks. They are designed in such a way so that it looks like a normal car.

Interestingly, some of the bulletproof cars for sale in Nigeria are customized in such a way that they don’t drag any attention. These small beasts or ‘undercover armored trucks’ protect the lives of important people, such as VIP people, law enforcement officials, military personnel, public officials, and more.

Bulletproof Cars for Sale in Nigeria

Interesting Features of Armored Cars

Well, armored cars serve various functions. Apart from providing safety and security, the practicality of armored cars can’t be doubted. On top of that, they come integrated with advanced technology that is not present in the rest of the cars available in the market.

Without wasting time, let’s take a look into some interesting features of armored or bulletproof cars for sale in Nigeria.


Armored cars are bulletproof. It can prevent the bullets fired from handguns and rifles. Starting from the doors to the windows is properly armored. Bullet-resistant glass is used for the windows. The thickness of the glass used in bulletproof cars is based upon the protection level required. For example, a 21-mm thick glass can stop bullets of a B4 rated handgun; whereas a 40-mm thick glass will be able to stop bullets of B6 rated rifles. For the body, ballistic steel gets fortified with polyester and ceramic laminates. 

Electric Shock

Another interesting feature of an armored car is that it might come with an electric shock system. This is usually installed on the door handles. In case, an attacker tries to open the door of the cat, they will get an electric shock.

Run Flat Tires

The safety rollers or run-flat rollers of bulletproof cars for sale in Nigeria are nothing but the tires of the car. The tires come with an added lining, which gets seals in the event of any puncture caused by a nail or a screw.

There is likewise an extra ring connected to the wheel that causes the vehicle to keep moving in any event, when the tire is short of air. Contingent upon the tire type, distance cover might vary.

Bulletproof Cars for Sale in Nigeria

Deadbolt Locking System and Electronic Locks

An armored car can be equipped with deadbolts and electronic locks. No one can manipulate the locks as they are anti-drill and anti-pick.

Air Filtration System

This system is designed to filter out the poisonous or chemical substances from the air. It even assists in maintaining positive pressure inside the passenger cabin of the bulletproof cars for sale in Nigeria.

Bomb Protection Blanket

Armored cars come with a ballistic shield for protecting the occupant from any shrapnel or other materials.

Gun Ports

Depending on the level of protection required, armored cars can come with gun ports. It remains hidden in the doors or compartments.

These are some amazing features that make bulletproof cars for sale in Nigeria even more interesting. Buy an armored car after knowing the features.